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    Women occupied in responsible tourism are GRT protagonist
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    GRT is travels to women’s places
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    GRT is Gender Criteria in tourism
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    GRT is Networking
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    GRT is Making Projects




    At school or at home, for work or out of curiosity, what to read and what educators suggest


    How to start, to go on welcoming and marketing your products, how to spread the word


    Specializing in sustainability, from conception, to Project completion, to all responsible tourism


    Follow the debate and keep up to data, latest studies and expert opinions

GRT Network gallery

  • Asbp Corso Di Animazione Turistica

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  • Cooperation, Institutions and UN Agencies.  A rural project in Albania.
    The Frima and Kelmend Consortium is a prime example, because for ...
  • The case of Pink Route
    How institutions network. A prime example in Italy. Nowadays, tourists can choose from 27 ideas (that is how many women there are in this network at the moment) in the three valleys and the city. But how did the Pink Route project come to life?

>> Dossier

  • What can we do to face the tourism crisis

    What can we do to face the tourism crisis

    Pandemic is exacerbating inequalities. How can women who work alone, who are hosts, planners, managers, creatives, employed in the hospitality industry, react?

  • New Projects. The Green Valise

    New Projects. The Green Valise

    Tourism industry has a pioneering role in employment creation in Turkey ...
  • An Essay from CREST

    An Essay from CREST

    The Center for Responsible Travel (CREST) has sent to GRT its newest Essay, in occasion of the International Women's Day: " Celebrating Women in Tourism "

  • Award Winners. Nam Nern Night Safari

    Award Winners. Nam Nern Night Safari

    The Nam Et-Phou Louey Protected Area is a model of PA management, conservation, land-use, monitoring, ecotourism. With the Safari project, visitors support alternative income for local people while they go wildlife spotting by boat with local guides.
  • Award Winners. Village Ways

    Award Winners. Village Ways

    Village Ways Partnership is a shared values enterprise experienced in rural development, community and responsible tourism, agricultural economy and environmental awareness

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