Why women and why responsible tourism


It is necessary, throughout the world, that the concept of struggle against gender discrimination, already introduced in many sectors, is also recognized in tourism.
The data obtained by various expert researchers show that :

  • Worldwide, female workers are yet to be treated fairly and equitably in both earnings and labor. Tourism makes no exceptions to being paid ‘under the table’ and taking on more than one job, even though the majority are women.

  • Women are predisposed to hospitality, creating quality tourism. They are quick to learn and make microcredits profitable. This can be a great lever for equalizing their work conditions. At times they don’t know how to make the most of their capabilities and knowledge to find or improve their actual activities (They are isolated, segregated to work only with other women. They don’t have time to better themselves. They are not motivated to look for support and financing. )

  • Behind every woman, there is family and community. Projects involving them are an advantage for the society. The absence of equal opportunities and the scarce presence of women in decisive roles have negative consequences on the lives of the entire community, in both developed and undeveloped countries.

  • The projects with/for women must conform to their modalities. The particular capabilities of women create a lever of reinforcement and correspond to the characteristics of responsible tourism, giving durable results and are more adaptable against crisis, be it in Italy and in developing countries.

  • The majority of travelers from the northern hemisphere are women and are more aware, making up the most who take part in responsible travel. They are the ones who choose the trips ( with friends, for their childrens’ class trips, for the ‘boss, for the family )

  • The new trends in travel are reaching out to cultures, nature, traditions and to the local people of the destinations. This kind of travel corresponds to the way tourism is organized by the women, welcoming the tourists, introducing their culture and their territory, organizing production of items or food according to local traditions. All the motives directly or indirectly connected to responsible tourism are innovative and important to reinforce the global development.

  • More and more, responsible tourism is a philosophy which unites tourists, planners, large and small businesses or tour operators. It is a journey which combines experiences, meetings, innovation, respect, transparency and correct development which reward those who search for these characteristics.

  • To bring travelers to “women’s homes” means helping women in employment, following new trends, promoting a fair market and eliminating discrimination.

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