Here are the ethical points that our GRT Members share with us:

The editorial staff and the Association form a streamlined structure that works to impart
information on different projects worldwide of women in tourism. By statute, the
Association is a means of communication and is a private non-profit entity with the sole
purpose of improving qualitatively and quantitatively fair female employment in
responsible tourism. The Association conducts activities of informing, raising awareness
and dissemination as determined by its objectives, through of which it is the editor; through activities which arise
from the diffusion of the website, through network links which result from the activities of
fellow individuals who uphold the principles of gender responsible tourism on the internet,
on social networks and other means, through the list of GRT subscribed Members, through the participation of numerous projects of organizations, associations
and institutions which support gender equality and responsible tourism, through associated
activities, not only via internet, which can gradually increase the number of institutional
projects. For this purpose, the Association can also implement and support activities to
increase the visibility and to promote the networks of individuals, entrepreneurs and
operators with the aim of emphasizing the importance of women in tourism, of the
promotion of locally produced products from the communities and of the increase in
female employment.

These are key issues stemming from studies and experiences, listed in detail in 30 points
formulated by the international experts of the GRT. As per the intentions of the GRT
experts and their partners who specialize in gender responsible tourism, the ‘6 Pillars’ are
made up of the Indicators, which in future will distinguish and offer guidance for
responsible operators, to increase and improve female employment.
For example:
□ Analyze the different difficulties and opportunities of women based on the realities
of their social culture.
□ Understand rights such as equal pay, maternity, access to credit, secure work
conditions, access to vocational training.
□ Eliminate the exploitation of the female image.
□ Include specific training in tourism projects with an attention to involvement in
decision-making, projects, participation, consultation, implementation and monitoring.

GRT creates communication
It does this adhering to ethical criteria based on the rights of women. It communicates via visibility projects, with proposals based on necessities which emerge from various diverse realities. It communicates through maximum circulation to bring about awareness as per the objectives of the Third Millennium Goal and the Women In Tourism Empowerment Program, on a theme just as positive as it is ignored.

The trips, the examples, the experiences which are published on this site are chosen according to a unique criteria: high quality, respect, reinforcement, participation, fight against stereotypes for women working in this field.
The experts and partners of the GRT Association coordinate diverse initiatives, from choosing criteria, to formation, studies, communication and policy consultancy, all useful in empowering the role of women in tourism.

GRT researches and publishes only the best ‘female created’ initiatives, forming diverse areas of artisan products, of hospitality, of enogastronomy, forming thus a virtual network which embraces the local culture, which adhere to ethical, social and economic guidelines that correspond to responsible tourism.
These characteristics correspond to the criteria chosen by experts (for example, the number of women and executive roles, the revival of traditions etc.)

Peer learning
In a field in which, more than research and protocol, there are numerous diverse realities globally, it is important that there is a horizontal exchange of knowledge and information, ‘peer learning’ from others in the same field. The field, in this case, is the people who work in tourism with a forward thinking vision to further develop the community. They are the ones who have introduced the theme of gender in their projects, having observed that where women are more involved, entire communities benefit.

We can speak of a real movement, which is gradually gaining momentum, in response to known international facts: the increasing interest of responsible tourists, an increase in the development of countries where more and more women are employed, the quality of work done by women, and the disparity in the number of men and women in tourism.
All this data is also the base of our work.
Horizontal exchange of knowledge and information, the interest of tourists, upholding the values of women, all of which is the key to the success of projects in tourism.

Social values
Gender Responsible Tourism is an association whereby the reason it exists is also a reflection of its method of operating – a site which propagates ethical and social ideals in an existing market which must improve in equality. For this reason, we are a Magazine which is a voice for nonprofit businesses and organizations which share our views and ethics. Therefore GRT is a ‘generator of social values’. In fact it helps to give rise to entrepreneurial ideas which tackle the issues of development and rights. They survive through the sales of products and services in the free market, combining development and innovations, employment and sustainability. The view is to increase employment and growth in tourism through social and environmental means.

A new Market
The projects we would like to showcase, in our opinion, form part of a new market, where demand and supply, new tourists and female talents coincide. It is an economic relationship which introduces gender approach as a new ‘moral’ in tourism, based on collaboration between the public and private sector, of profit and nonprofit, big industries and small local enterprises. It is an orientation that is growing and gaining popularity, which makes the most of a combination of systems in the name of sharing values, social objectives, innovations which go beyond the dichotomy of profit/nonprofit, in an area of the tourism market where businesses can find a place that concentrates on the needs of the people and the planet.

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