Where chickens are culture

Where: Province Bologna, Modena, Parma, Reggio Emilia

Who: Bioagriturismi Emilia

2stars Six destinations and many women in a highly professional agricultural chain

Centuries of tradition can become a novelty when they pass through the knowledge of women. The fact that the Emilian welcome is proverbial is a fact. In this case, cooking from the home garden, exchange of products between companies, wellness holidays, cooking and craft courses, donkey rides, wine tasting, cheese, vinegar and spirits, are just some of the extra ideas, in the destinations between the plain and the inaccessible roads of the Emilian Apennines. where the feminine touch is noticeable.

The "Laboratory of the Tortellone" is what attracts families, men and children, to play with flour and eggs, as it used to be done with grandmothers. Those who are fond of handicrafts, find courses in stuffing the chair, basket making, wood carving and clay processing, in Ca dè Frà, in the green of Sestola. Here the organic products of the garden are not only in the kitchen, but are also a way to discover nature and traditions, picking chestnuts and fruit, trying to spin the wool of the sheep, following the way of milk, from the fields to the cheese laboratory.

In Savigliano, instead, Lorella focuses on relaxation, in his L'Alpenice: after enlarging the old barn of his grandfather, to make four rooms overlooking the hills of Bologna, he added Jacuzzi and Turkish bath in the wellness room. Those who sleep here, taste cheese, jam and vegetables, with a glass of house wine on the terrace, go on trips to the museum of balsamic vinegar, go to the dairy, to the basket and from the breadmakers.

Valentina, in his company Cristina di Lesignano Bagni, has chosen biodiversity and ancient species that are disappearing: his days are all dedicated to the breeding of horses bardigiani and hens romagnole, to cultivate berries, strawberries, Parma curly tomato, banana melon, squash violina. During the day, you pick raspberries and strawberries, you go to the nearby dairy to make cheese or to raise black pork. The athletes ride, do cycling or walking routes between the gullies and in the Park of the Parma Apennines, In the rustic renovated dinner is also an immersion in the culture of the earth: you start in the afternoon with a visit to nearby farms and farm, and you end up with big plates in front of the fireplace.

For children, the specialist is Paola, great organizer of the educational farm, and cooking classes for the whole family at the Fattoria Quercia di Castello di Serravalle. The welcome is in the garden of roses, in six cozy rooms, in the pool, at the table with jams, pies, rice cake, pliers, stews, pasta and homemade bread. Do not miss, in Montese, a dip in history. In the eighteenth-century farmhouse Il Palazzino, Anna Chiara leaves the kitchen and with her husband Mario, an expert in the history of the territory, accompanies visitors where during the Second World War there was the Gothic Line . In the trek among the hills, you stop in the chestnut grove for the picnic, and on the farmyard you gather around the women to listen to stories of the time.

Agriturismo Il Palazzino
Via Lama 2500
Maserno di Montese (MO)
tel. 338 3239394

Agriturismo L'Alpenice: Via Monticelli 1090, Savignano sul Panaro (MO)
Tel: 348 5111 404

Podere Cristina
Via Monchio di Mulazzano n.4
Lesignano Bagni (Parma)
Tel. 0521 852741

Fattoria Quercia
via Mulino 909
Castello di Serravalle (BO)
tel. 051 6703210

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