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The independent women travellers and their friends will have a different welcome with the many women of the association, among trekkings, food, products, experiences, to choose calling the info center

Exclusive wine tasting with the winemaker

Where: Liguria

Who: Consorzio Ospitalità Diffusa Una montagna di accoglienza nel Parco

AAGRTMemberper testo piccoloGRT Member, many women, a hundred of enterprises, protection of habitat and culture

The valleys and villages of the three Graveglia, Sturla, Aveto, including the Aveto Park: wild three thousand hectares of valuable protected habitats and rich in history, between Emilia and the sea of ​​Chiavari.

Perfect both when they are covered with snow, with all the charm of a ride, a walk or an evening in front of the fireplace, both with the flowering and then with the many summer festivals, both when it is time for chestnuts and the traces of animals are sought in the red woods. In this natural wonder, the Consorzio Ospitalità Diffusa operates A mountain of hospitality in the Park, a hundred companies that collaborate on a thousand initiatives, due to the undisputed merit of a tireless female leadership and a good number of businesswomen with an extra gear.
They are architects, historians, conservators of artistic assets, entrepreneurs, geologists, naturalists, guides, connoisseurs of every grass, every ancient bell tower and every wolf footprint: nothing better to make us recommend many activities and many corners to discover.

What to choose? In a small antique world which, with its mountains, protects the Golfo del Tigullio (Gulf of Tigullio) from the North winds. It is a silent place, interrupted only by the gurgle of the waters which descend the valleys through green luxuriant forests. The mountains host a number of small villages (borghi) impregnated with the perfume of wild herbs or with the scent of something good to eat...The markets, 500 kilometers of paths, the paths accessible to everyone in the Botanical Garden, on the Natura del Bocco path and in the Rifugio Devoto, the mills, lavender, corzetti, the miners' train in the mine, the town of Garibaldi, chestnuts , the visit to the olive grove and the olive press, the hazel and the mill with the taste of hazelnut cream, recipes with herbs, observations on the tracks of wolves, pedaling a mountain bike (also rented and service shuttle for the lazy) between gentians and lakes to the peaks, the Fishing School at Lago delle Lame, horse riding in the countryside also for children, the Equestrian Way "From the sea to the Apennines" which starts from Moneglia, excursions to Mount Penna, dedicated to the god Pan revered by the ancient Ligurians.

The women of the Consortium, heart and muscles of a thousand initiatives, guide you on the paths to see wild horses, cook ancient recipes in the "texts", teach the little ones the secrets of the forest, organize medieval festivals in the villages, lavender or yoga tours in the woods, welcome in ancient farmhouses, evenings by the fireplace, or see the stars from the shelters.


To find out about the offers reserved for Free Travelers, write to the Consortium secretariat



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