Is something changing in tourism? Here are some hints from ITB, the Berlin tourism fair.


Is something changing in tourism?

We are happy to announce that we have been protagonists of a great International Women's Day, online from the Hybrid Studio Stage, at the Berlin tourism fair. as you can read here and in the Equality Award news.

 Tourism and Metaverse at the BTO in Florence. Are women in tourism looking at the last news from the world of technology? Or do they prefer a turn towards "In Real Life"? 

A very special bias campaign has been launched by Equality in Tourism, around the International Women’s Day 2022 theme #BreakTheBias : a mighty effort and a brilliant result for a survey of voices and videos from women across 14 countries and six continents!

In a difficult time for travel and for the economy of women's small businesses, we have collected the advice of four experts

Convention on tourism ethics is major step towards tackling child exploitation, say UN human rights experts

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