If you are a "Free Woman Traveller", or just a gourmet, here it is the first example of travels following the GRT newtork members initiatives.

The 14th of June in CIlento, there will be the great Festa del Pescato della Paranza, (the fair of the anchiovies),
Here are the best and very famous known worldwide blue fish of the Mediterranean and the party will be one of those you will not forget:
The Fair will be from the 14th to the 16th of June, at Campo dei Rocchi, near Lago di Castellabvate. It is in the beautiful Parco del CIlento and you can read the article about the very proud CIlento women.
This fair is famous for the cilento exclusive tastes.
This year the new idea is a cooking master class for all the gourmet and cooking lovers.
Master of the cooking will be Maria Martuscelli, wife of a fisherman and part of generations of keeprs of the old art of salting fresh fish in the precious glass jars.

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