There is a new community of Free Women Travellers and Entrepreneurs

Six months after the launch of our guide book "The guide of free women travellers" we have shown that women working in tourism and travellers want to meet each other

We are celebrating three thousand copies, three reprints, 8 shows with more than 400 in the audience, 1645 new followers in our website, and a community of 1650 "free women travellers" connected.
Last stop of the tour was in Cervo where the women of Mete di Liguria want to offer new oportunities to women who will join them.

And in fact, what are we comunicating today?
That we are going to mix travellers and workers and soon we will publish the opportunities that the entrepreneurs of responsaible tourism offer to responsible travellers.

We will highlight, in a thosand new ways, destinations empowering female occupation, we will invite them to make exclusive offers up to our travellers community.
And on the other side we will make a close group of travellers, that will be able to valuate holidays ideas and to choose among the exclusive offers.

We already have some entrepreneurs, like Mete di Liguria, offering women friendly knowledge and discovery tours, less known fabulous attractions and sevret places and the best local products.

The rest will follow, we wait for you!

If you are an entrepreneur join us here

If you  like to travel responsibly join us here






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