How to reach the Community of the Free Women Travellers

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The FB Page with the group Libere Viaggiatrici - Free Women Travellers is now ready. Free women travellers are joining. Move into it too!

 As we have announced in our previous News, GRT is organising how to make the two Communities, of women travellers and workers in tourism, to meet.
We are working at a page with all the special offers for you, and for the all community of "Free WOmen Travellers", in order to go visit directly the projects born from the taste and the environement and culture respect of female exellences, examples of gender equality, innovations, sustainability.

During the month of August, we have reached some more travellers and entrepreneurs.
We aim for a number of 300 travellers and 100 entrepreneurs for our first virtual meeting in October.
Therefore, to make this meeting a success, we must multipy more and more the travellers who are looking for those special offers,

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