Orecchiette zero Km.

Where: Orsara di Puglia 
Who: Masseria Posta Guevara 

2stars A short food supply chain enterprise, involving local women and tourists

Lucia di Domenico has been as far as Canada to teach how to make the famous pasta from Puglia, but "orecchiette" are not her only speciality. In fact, she is an example of how to fight and get to the top for local production. Her aim is to promote how to make a short food supply chain expanding satellite industries. Of course, we are talking about pasta, orecchiette but not only them, made with an old kind of hard wheat called Grano Senatore Cappelli, which is now an Association founded and promoted around the word by Lucia.
Lucia's old family farm (in Puglia called Masseria) is now a modern firm with the specific aim of preserving and catching up with the old cultures as typical as wheat and pasta. Around Lucia several women work: in the kitchen, at the front desk, in a Museum of Tradition, in a choir, in a folk arts laboratory, making and selling in markets cakes or baskets.
The concept of short food supply chain is also in the educational labs for children and tourists. On a day at the Masseria Posta Guevara you can grow vegetables or learn everything about yeast, old recipes, herbs and a grain of wheat.
Masseria Posta Guevara, “Rural European Inn" and “Masseria didactic”, is located between the " Tavoliere delle Puglie" and Dauni mountains, 20 Km from Foggia.


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