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Where: Sardinia

Who: Italian Flavours

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Small businesses in southern Italy, places out of time, away from the beaten track, made to measure, in small groups, to connect with the true soul of the places, to seek a moment of happiness. These are the ideas put into practice by Angela Fadda, an out-of-the-ordinary "travel designer", if only because she began to travel to deepen her master's degree in food quality and history of Italian food and wine traditions.

The search for ancient tastes, real people and traditions to be preserved has led Angela to countries unknown to tourism where you go on tiptoe. All especially designed for women travelers. So, you will like Angelina's tastes and places if you travel to understand the history of the world, if you are romantic and listen to the stories of others, if you are looking for places to recommend to friends, if you are attentive to what you leave to the community you visit.

It will take you through the hills of olive trees and small vegetable gardens, in one of the most authentic and untouched villages in the center of Sardinia, to make pasta, bake fruit pies, search for herbs, all according to traditions. Or in the Sila forest, in a country bakery where arberesque women gather, to make bread with sourdough, sing, and tell their stories. Or to get lost in the white alleys of the Apulian villages and stop to collect figs and make orecchiette with women on the doors.

As Angelina says: “You will live inspirational travel experiences, capable of staying

in the heart and memory of those who live them far more than the time of a holiday. "Experiences in which the territories, but above all the people who inhabit them, their slow rhythms and their customs, treasures handed down that give wonderful meaning to those choices of life, are the real protagonists, and give the traveler emotions capable of crossing the soul, to transform him into an ambassador of that uniqueness and that immense beauty ”.


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