Handicrafts, waterfalls, people

Where: Jablanica; Serbia

Who: Vision du monde


 Each travel leaves 30 euros to the women’s cooperative Niti Zlatnog Bora

In the village of Jablanica, in the mountains of the Serbian Zlatibor region, farmers use wood, leather and other mountain products for leaving, but the handcrafts had never been enhanced. Now a line of products is developed by a stylist and a boutique will open up, all organised by the women’s cooperative Niti Zlatnog Bora. The 9 days trip Balkans Perfumes tours among country villages of Guca and Trnava, city of Belgrad, hospitality in farmer’s homes, breathtaking nature and ottoman remains. The French Association Vision du Monde is part of the networks Cadr and Ates. It offers: cultural travels, trekking, stay with the locals, travels for schools, in 16 Countries They activate development projects with an important experience, useful for all.

Here the french summary of the Project and below the Travel details.Objective Development of the activities of the cooperative «Niti Zlatnog Bora», village of Jablanica, mountain of Zlatibor in which women skillfully produce their handicrafts, using natural materials from their home or surroundings. Bring a salary supplement to the women of the village, using a know-how that has never been valued until then. Background Zlatibor Mountain, the famous tourist destination in Serbia for a year, does not have an official collection of handicrafts that represent the region.The creation of this craft is left to the initiative of each one, and there are many scattered memories, which have more or less success, because without characteristic style or guideline. The Jablanica cooperative is far from the tourist centre (one hour by car) and is in a difficult economic situation due to the closure of the main leather factory since the 1990s. Most people live on farm incomes. Technical description Creation, production and distribution of objects from the cooperative’s collection, using natural materials from their home or surroundings such as wool and wood. The collection should follow the specific design line and could be expanded or redesigned every year Opening of a specialized shop in the center of Zlatibor. Financing 2011 Total budget: 1250€ Financing of Vision Du Monde: 1250 € Cooperative partners «Niti Zlatnog Bora» Typology Economy/Crafts Circuits concerned Balkan fragrances- J6 and J7

Our Trips/ Serbia Balkan Fragrances Cultural Trip Duration: 9 days Presentation: Organized around three places, this trip will make you discover Serbia in an authentic way. You will first go to the Guca region in the centre of Serbia. Its countryside has retained its strong popular traditions and its multiple know-how. You will then visit the mountainous region of Uzice bordering Bosnia. The highlight of the trip is the dizzying slopes, waterfalls and wooded slopes during a steam train ride. Finally Belgrade, a crossroads of civilizations that dominates the Danube and the Sava from its medieval fortress. It will reveal its architectural variety: vestiges of the Ottoman Empire, Austro-Hungarian architecture and buildings from the socialist era rub shoulders. During your stay you will stay with the resident in peasant families in Guca and Trnava. You will discover in depth the daily life of the Serbs and fully appreciate their hospitality as well as the many culinary specialties that make the reputation of the country. Key points: Farm accommodation in the Guca and Trnava region Discovery of the many farming know-how (organic food and authentic taste insured)Visit of Orthodox monasteries Participation in a rehearsal of traditional Serbian dances Discovery of Belgrade Visit of the Kalemegdan fortress in Belgrade



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