Where: Central American
Who: Experiencias Raramuri, Posada Rural Amistad, Posada Madia Luna


 Men and women working in the sustainable promotion of their territory.

Where: Perou

Who: Perù responsabile


 More than 5 Communities where women are involved

Where: Costa Rica

Who: Hipn’Verde


 Between 3 and 20 women involved, plus the community

Where: Repubblica Dominicana

Who: Viaggi solidali


  A hundred women share hospitality and culture

Where: Kissane, Marocco

WhoSouhad Azennoud


 Honey, handcrafts, oil, land culture by local women

Where: Agadir, Marocco

Who: Abn Albaytar

2stars1star One of the largest networks of female cooperatives for sending Argan Oil into the world

Where: Oaurzazate, Marocco

Who: Desert Montagne

2stars Atlas women are equally occupied in the ten villages visited, in the Riad and in the offices, working with ZIned

Were: Tataouine, Southern Tunisia

Who: Découvrire Tataouine and Walden Viaggi a piedi


2stars  The 10 women of Ourgen, 7 of Tielet and all the other women in the villages, are involved in responsible tourism.

Where: Feynan, Giordania

Who: Ecohotels


 Nearby villages women sell handcrafts and work in the lodge

Where: Cairo and South Egypt

Who: Vacanze Egiziane


  Several groups of women for a cultural exchange

Where: South Egypt and Jordan

Who: Vacanze Egiziane


 Tours designed to help the poorest 

Where: Kenia

Who: Vacanze egiziane


  Muteleu Traditional Village was born from a girl's dream and now the all community is involved

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