In the heart of Uganda: between tours and safaris

Where: Uganda

Who: Grace Nabacwa, team leader and owner of Gracelands African Vacations


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In the heart of Africa, bathed by Lake Victoria, the birthplace of the White Nile, lies Uganda. In this beautiful country, Grace Nabacwa decided to start her own adventure, creating a tour operator of which she is the director. Grace collaborates internally and externally with women's associations that fully reflect the meaning of our work, which focus on gender equity, tourism responsibility and environmental sustainability. Thanking her for her time and work, we leave you with the interview. 

Interview with:
Grace Nabacwa
Gracelands African Vacations - Uganda

What do you do?

We are legally registered, women- led business (SME) in Uganda (tour operator) and licensed by the Uganda Tourism Board to conduct tours and safaris in Uganda. We specialize in nature - cultural and culture - adventure day tours from Kampala and multiple day experiences.
We work with local sustainable partners including women-owned restaurants, women-owned accommodations, female tour guides, women-owned farms and local community projects. 


What's your aim?

To create and offer fun-filled , interactive , unique nature - cultural experiences that promote / support the conservation of the natural world and preservation of culture and heritage through working with local sustainable initiatives, entities, projects and empowering women through supporting women- owned businesses and advocating for girl child education in central Uganda.


What are you offering tourists?

-Interactive nature-cultural experiences

-Unique cultural-adventure experiences

-Utmost hospitality using local unique small scale accommodations

-Carbon offsetting tours / experiences

-Zero carbon experiences

-Sensitization on good environment practices

-Natural world conservation based experiences


How many women are involved are empowered and how?

Would say 50+ women and this is how;

-We have employ on a part time basis more than 5 female guides

-We make our stops during tours at women -owned restaurants and accommodations

-We recommend and take our visitors to women -owned local craft shops

-We partner with local cultural troupes that support women / girl child through dance and music

-We partner with local women cooking groups to offer culinary experiences to visitors

-We partner with local women owned farms for our agricultural experiences to visitors


Can you make some examples of itineraries and activities?

Gracelands African Vacations offers clients six different tour packages, some shorter (3-6 hours), some longer (2-3 days). Within each tour package there is a choice of many different activities, depending on the needs and wishes of the tourists.

The itineraries focus mainly on the capital, Kampala, and Entebbe, but there is, in addition, the possibility of getting out of the cities to enjoy experiences in direct contact with nature.

During each experience it is possible to get in touch with the local culture, flora and fauna and the people who enliven life in Uganda. Gracelands African Vacations also specializes in safaris, of which, the most interesting one is the Long Bird Safari, where there is a chance to see more than 1,000 species of birds.


Some information:

Mobile | Whatsapp contact number: +256774795998
Have a look at our reviews;
Facebook: Gracelands African Vacations - Uganda. 

Uganda scimmia che mangia 

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