How to become Network Best



they followed the ethics criteria of responsible tourism, they are aware of  “The 6 Pillars of Grt”, as a base for their actions.
In a word, they have empowered women in communities.

The  Ngo, Association, Enterprise or independent woman who did it, are entitled to use the  GRT Network logo. First of all, they are listed on GRT website home page button “Network Best”.  To be labeled with the GRT logo on their websites, is a recognition to network members: they  get a large diffusion acknowledged benefit  and participate to  future developments. 
To be part of the

To be a GRT Member of GRT Network, means visibility, prestige, products and services communication and diffusion. Associations, enterprises, projects will share actions and will participate to a newsworthy network.

We draw up a list of three Network Members, as a first example, in our home page Network Best space.

Join the GRT then!

Send your best project. If you already have a Best Practices Project, send it to us and we will advertise it . You will get the GRT Network Member label, you will get the Network benefits and contribute with your participation.

Ask for guide lines. If you are an entrepreneur and you wish to become a GRT Network Best, ask for guidance on how to keep a high level of Ethics following our 6 Pillars.

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