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Turismo Consapevole in Etruria e nel Mondo TerraTua

An All-embracing Horse Trek in the Wild Heart of Italy

Before getting on a horse the rider should establish an all-embracing relationship with his or her steed through relaxation and breathing exercises, soothing words to communicate with the mount, and stopping one’s mind in the present.  You will explore beautiful Etruria on horseback, and get to know its inhabitants, historic culture, the food and the wine. Here excursions are designed to encourage the local economy and to focus greater attention on farmers and craftsmen. We also support women’s participation in tourism by backing gender responsible tourism. Part of the proceeds from our activities will go to the Women’s Meeting Association – Incontro Donna...

Cosa le donne devono sapere per lavorare nei nuovi turismi  
Come il turismo responsabile serve alle donne 
Dove andare per viaggiare con le donne in mente