Take off to the most beautiful places in the world and get ready to be surprised by the brilliance of women.
GRT gathers together destinations where women manage, host and cook as well as work as guides and artisans, innovatively producing excellence.
They are Itineraries made up of numerous stopovers or small charming locations.
They are the best examples of responsible tourism and women-run enterprises.
They are destinations where work is generated according to the Criteria of responsible tourism as defined by the experts of GRT.
They are categorized based on the workload of the women in these tourism projects.
They are the destinations conceived and developed by the GRT members.



Genderresponsibletourism classifies the trips that benefit the women.
The debate on the criteria for sustainable tourism continues.  In our view, it is important that the women have an advantage, and that is therefore our reason for the chosen destinations.

marchio  Where women are involved in community projects

marchiomarchio   Where women are a significant part of projects in tourism

marchiomarchiomarchio   Where ideas and management are all by women

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