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 <<Good afternoon. Let me introduce us. On my right is Iaia Pedemonte. She is the foundeer of the Gender Responsible Tourism Network and I am Angela Hadjipateras, a member of the Network.

We are here this afternoon to talk to you about our network, which to our knowledge, is the first network that brings together the issue of responsible tourism with specific gender concerns. Basically, what we want to talk about today in a nutshell is about why tourism matters for women and why women matter for tourism.

Why is gender an important issue in responsible tourism?

In Responsible Tourism debates, gender has been neglected. We talk about the role of communities and the need to include and integrated communities in tourism development. However, it is often forgotten that communities are not homogeneous. They include different groups, including both men and women, but often women's voices are neglected.

We believe that women have a lot to contribute to tourism. And that is why we need to ensure their voices are heard.

We also believe that tourism has great potential for women. Women are in fact benefiting from many new employment opportunities created by tourism.

However, as studies have shown, including a major survey carried out jointly by the UN World Tourism Organisation and the UN Fund for Women in 2010 -The Global Report on Women in Tourism 2010 - women are still disproportionately concentrated in low paid, low status, gender-stereotyped and insecure employment.

We believe this is wrong and undermines women's full potential to contribute. If women are empowered, not only will they gain as individuals, but tourism will also gain, as women will be able to give more and, in turn contribute to making tourism products better.

In order to achieve this, the GRT network, which comprises experts from different spheres, have put together a Framework for Action aimed at achieving more gender-equitable forms of tourism, which we have called The 6 Pillars of Gender Responsible Tourism.

We are launching these Pillars today!

I will now hand you over to Iaia who will talk to you about the Gender Responsible Tourism - GRT Network: Who we are, what we do and how we do it!

Why did we add the word GENDER to the WTM WRTD logo and we say “Buy Gender Responsible Tourism”?
We all know that there is a growing number of travelers that buy travels if they know that they are Ethical.
And Gender is one of the main issues. 
We can prove it.

Since I have been making the website Gender Responsible Tourism, about how to use tourism to increase women occupation, I have seen a growing attention.
I collected dozens of interviews from associations and operators, saying that yes, any project involving women is actually a success and that yes, they are the most reliable.
You can see many examples in the website: women enterprises are growing, we of gender responsible tourism network are an example!
Where tourism has been used to empower a community, women have been the key for success.

The success of the website shows how Media are of a great support.
In any case, the facts talk for me:
On the Italian Riviera a chain of B&B had one thousand contacts in a day,  after an article about “where to go where women are welcoming”, from our website.
To be on a blog, for responsible tourism operators, means a great diffusion.
We have now 3 tour operators in the section called “Network Best” as an example.
The operators and projects in “Network Best” can use the label GRT Network.
The 6 Pillars that we launch today suggest how Ethical the enterprises should be.

What is new with GRT?
GRT for the first time we Communicate widely the two enormously up to date issues of responsible tourism and of equal opportunities.
For the first time we create a Network around them. 
For the first time we tell entrepreneurs how to higher up their level of business supporting women occupation.
For the first time we spread the Criteria based on Gender Ethical values, in the 6 Pillars, that Angela mentioned.
For the first time we offer travelers travels that help women.

And we do it in a very practical way, just as women have asked to us, since the first time we sat at a round table with the Italian Association of Responsible tourism, that is very active in Italy. That is:  women ask for practical  tools.

What can GRT do for you?
If you want that your business grows,  in a sustainable way, fit gender into your schedule, in the way our experts can explain to you.
If you want that your project find a strong voice, submit it in the GRT Network and we will diffuse it. Send us your Best Practices Project, and we will advertise it.
You will get the GRT “STAMP”, you will get the Network  benefits and contribute with your participation.
If you want to start a project get in touch and you will get experts guidance.
If you are travelers, choose a place where women are cooks, managers, artisans, entrepreneurs, and you will empower the all society.>>

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